A rash of grisly murders plagued a small southern Ohio town for over a decade, before ending abruptly in 1992. After several state wide searches, police officials gathered little to no evidence, and were no closer to solving the murders. Now, twenty years later this small town is again terrified as the body count begins to rise.


Erin Ryan, Haley Madison, Corey Thrush, Missy Duncan Stout, Scott Gillespie, Jadie Marie Goodpasture & more

Written & Directed by Shawn Burkett Produced by Shawn Burkett, Haley Madison


"Bludgeon is like Christmas, only instead of delivering happiness and presents, it delivers some fucked up nightmares and death".

          - Mike Holman (Jackass/Haggard/Hell-ephone)

"6 out of 7, BLUDGEON delieves the atmosphere and creepiness that we crave and long for"

          - Jörgen Lundin (Independent Flicks)

"Not for the faint hearted, witness the raw violence of Bludgeon"

   - John Ginder (Lost in 80s Horrorfying Blog)

"Bludgeon smartly plays it straight and as a result gets right under your skin. Be prepared to check that your front door is
well and truly locked...."

          - Mark James Bullock (Hacked In The Head Reviews)

"Bludgeon is intelligent, well thought out, and incredibly emotionally involving"
          - Dani Carnage (Doctor Carnage's World of Terror)