We are currently casting for “ELLE” A film by Cheyenne Gordon.

Synopsis: A tormented and rejected teen, is savagely beaten during a cruel prank by classmates. A seductive and mysterious woman by the name of Elle enters town and promises  the teen the retribution he desires. What follows is a brutally violent tale of revenge and murder. 

Below are character breakdowns, as well as information on our casting process!




Aiden Harris (Male / 17 to 25)

Aiden is 18, thin, meager, and timid. He has very low self-esteem and is constantly being picked on by the town bullies and pretty much everyone around him. He tries to avoid confrontation at all costs. Choosing to remain silent rather than stand up for himself.


Elle (Female / 21-35)

Gorgeous, raven haired, overly seductive. Elle uses her sexuality and predatory nature to get what she desires and nothing will stop her once she has her mind set on something she wants. She is cold, calculated and manipulative.


Nora Roberts (Female / 17-25) *involves partial / implied nudity*

Short pixie brown hair. She is very alternative and has a free spirit vibe to her. Naturally kind spirited and sympathetic, Nora tends to see the best in people. Even though she is friends with the more popular of her peers, Nora is outspoken and regularly puts the more egoic of her friends in their place.


Diane Harris (Aiden's Mother / 35-60)

The stereotypical loving mother figure. She tries her best to level with Aiden and to be as understanding as she can be. More times than not, she is defending Aiden and his actions to her husband. Even though she tries to be friends with her own son, many times it comes off as embarrassing for Aiden.


Bill Harris (Aiden's Father / 35-60)

Bill is an overly stern father who feels his son is wasting his life away. Bill seems to search for reasons to harp on Aiden whether the teenager deserves it or not. From an outside perspective, it could almost be seen as a mentally abusive scenario, however, Bill feels this is just tough love.


Amanda (Female / 17-25)

Very pretty stereotypical preppy popular girl. She is friends with Nora and is dating Travis. She is spoiled and tends to get whatever she wants. She doesn't think of herself as a bully, yet her actions tell a different story. She is known to mask her true feelings and intentions behind a pretentious facade.


Mike (Male / 17-25)

Stocky/brutish features. Jock bully who is the more rough neck of the town bullies. He is friends with Travis and the two enjoy nothing more than to assert their dominance over people like Aiden. Cruel to the core, Mike has no remorse or feelings as to the pain he causes others.


Dennis (Travis's Older Brother / 21-35)

Alcoholic/abusive/violent. Dennis is cruel, malicious and enjoys making his younger brother suffer. Dennis is more than likely the reason Travis has become such a bully and where the violence stems from. Dennis does not care about his brother at all and in fact feels as if his brother is just another problem to deal with.


Tom Roberts (Nora's Father / 35-60)

Tom is the picture of white suburban/middle class father. He prides himself on being a part of the community watch and being a regular at the local country club. He feels his stance within the community is what matters most.


Marian Roberts (Nora's Mother / 35-60)

Like Tom, Marian is a picturesque suburban mother. She holds a job as a real estate agent and prides her possessions above all else. Has a very "Karen" vibe about her.


Travis (Male / 17-25)

Narcissistic, cruel, handsome jock bully. Travis is the bane of Aiden's existence and loves nothing more than to torment Aiden and those like him. Is dating Amanda and loves to show her off to others as a trophy girlfriend. Despises his older brother Dennis and tends to turn to working out and doing copious amounts of drugs to escape the fact that he is not the top dog, but rather his brother is. He would rather die than to allow others to see how weak he is in his brother's presence. 





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