We are currently casting for “Mr. Buzzkill” A film by Rob Collins.

Below are character breakdowns, as well as information on our casting process!



(Age Range: 18-21)


Cousins with Sara. Overly sexual. Morgan marches to her own beat and really doesn't mind what people think of her. Shes "18" and makes sure people knows it.



(Age Range: 18-21)

Sara's boyfriend. A privileged person who's dad has A LOT of money. Best friends with Luke. Doesn't really know how the world works because everything has been handed to him on a silver platter. David is "18"




(Age Range: 18-25)

Older brother to Lisa. Mark is in his "20's" and has the shaggy stoner look going on.



(Age Range: 18-25)

Best friend of Mark and is also a shaggy stoner type person in his "20's". Mike is roommates with Mark and has a thing for Lisa.



(Age Range: 18-21)

A high school senior who is sleeping with his teacher Ms.Hicks. J.R. is a pretty boy that has been held back a couple times. He is a "19" year old senior.


Young Mr.Buzzkill

(Age Range: 13-15)

Shy quiet kid who keeps to himself. Stocky kid with curly hair. "13" years old. Will be exposed to a lot of blood and gore.



(Age range: 18-30)

Mr. Buzzkill's older brother who is a bully. He hates having to take care of his kid brother so he locks him away when he wants to go out. Just a total dick.



(Age Range: 40+)

- Mr.Buzzkill's dad who is a drunken abusive man who's wife left him years ago so he takes it out on his boys.





The first step in out casting process is to e-mail the following information HERE

We need your Name, Age, Location, Head shots / Photos, Resume & Role you are Interested in. If you don't not submit this info, we will not follow up with you.



Once we receive your information, we will contact you with sides,

and then you will be required to submit a Video Audion.



Video Submission should be HD and no less than 1080 resolution.

It is 2019 and everyone has smartphones, so this shouldn't be an issue.


If your file is too big to send directly via email, please check out Dropbox or We Transfer

and use our casting email to send your video files.