Midsummer Nightmares II: Summer's End is the sequel to Concept Media's staple release Midsummer Nightmares.

Returning cast includes: Stacy Freeders, Kelci C Magel, Scott Gillespie, Autumn Richardson & Joe Vollman.

And some of the new faces include: Christy Faulkner, Kitsie Duncan, Erin R Ryan, William Adams, Taylor Buchannan, Michael Reeves,
Jesa Ogelsby, Jesse Kennedy and Abby Seagraves.

Director of Photography: Shawn Burkett Producers: Eric Nelson, RyanStacy, Shawn Burkett & Kelci C Magel Associate Producers: Fidel Pérez, Joey Boudreaux, Rickey Ali, Jason Adams, Kevin Cathy, Glen S. Wade II
& Jason Limberg


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