Concept Media presents a new take on the collective horror DVD with "WATCH THIS." With a blending of talents from three of today's hottest indie horror directors (Shawn Burkett, Ryan Stacy, and Jesse Kennedy) this collaborative effort brings some new thrills & fasted-paced chills with five new inventive tales including: "The Way of the Buffalo," "Woodford County," and "Ladies Night."

Summon - From writer Ayse Howard & director Shawn Burkett
Two young women, who are living what their small town deems an 'unorthodox lifestyle,' finally grow tired of this community's terrible
treatment. As they grow more desperate, they soon decide to turn to the supernatural for help & summon a demon to help them set things right. However they quickly discover that they're in deeper than what they had originally hoped to invoke, as the demon quickly turns the tables and double crosses these young women.

Woodford County - From writer/director Jesse Kennedy
A quiet, rural community suddenly finds themselves plagued with a sick, twisted killer. And his victims are falling prey to his actions as he
stalks them deep in the local, dense forests.

Ladies Nite - From writer/director Ryan Stacy
When Jeff's girlfriend suddenly dumps him, his two best friends decide to cheer him up with a night at home filled with booze & heavy metal. But the dynamic of the evening soon changes when three attractive women, who are searching for a nearby party,randomly invade their ranks. Soon the guys each pair off with a girl and their "guy's night in" quickly turns into LADIES NIGHT.

The Way Of The Buffalo - From writer/director Shawn Burkett
Like the nearly-extinct buffalo, serial killers in this time and age seem to have died out. One man, who believes this to be a terrible notion, sets out on a mission to become the next ruthless, yet infamous, mass murderer. He sets his sights on one unlucky young woman and quickly carries out his plans...

"Watch This" is now available streaming and available for download HERE